Day: October 4, 2023

Choosing School Playground ToysChoosing School Playground Toys

school playground toys

School playground toys keep kids engaged and active, which helps them develop both physically and mentally. Choosing the right equipment for your playground requires careful thought. First, you need to consider the physical constraints of your playground. Ideally, your playground should sit on a flat plot of land that is far from buildings and trees for safety purposes. However, even a flat playground can have steep or slanted areas that will require more precise measurements and design. Read more

Next, you need to determine how many students can safely use the equipment at once. This number is important, as children who aren’t playing with a partner can become bored or overstimulated. You should also factor in the amount of noise your playground will create when it’s occupied, as squeals and shouts are typical when kids play.

The Psychology of Play: How Playground Toys Contribute to Social Skills and Emotional Growth in Children

Lastly, you’ll need to decide what type of games and activities will appeal to different age groups. Mazes and traditional playground marking games inspire mental play, while structures like rope ladders and slide encourage physical exercise. Net climbers are a popular choice that promote balance and coordination while helping kids build upper body strength. Our wall walkers are another way to add climbing challenges that will engage primary school kids.

Spinners are always a great option to include on the playground, as they can be enjoyed by both young and older kids alike. While traditional merry-go-rounds allow kids to spin alone, our options like the tea cup merry-go-round can hold up to four kids at once. Plus, we have wheelchair-accessible merry-go-rounds that extend the fun to all kids, including those with limited mobility.