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Coast Fashion for SS23

One of the more coast fashion sartorial trends to hit the TikTok waves this spring is coast fashion—a new style that’s attracting the attention of TikTok celebrities like Sydney Sweeney and Dua Lipa. Described as “coastal cowgirl,” the style blends the rugged, daring elements of Western fashion with the airy essence of coastal fashion.

The result is a look that’s both chic and relaxed, with a laid-back Cali vibe that’s perfect for the beach or a day at the farmers market. It’s also a trend that feels fresh for summer ’23.

To get the look, opt for breathable fabrics and pastel shades. Flowing full-length dresses and skirts with floral patterns or tiers are ideal, but don’t be afraid to add a Western accent through traditional cowboy boots or a straw hat. Lightweight knits are another option, with woven materials and macrame being particularly popular. For footwear, sneakers are a good fit as they don’t limit movement and are more versatile than stilettos.

Embracing Effortless Chic: Decoding the Allure of Coast Fashion

According to Nicoleta of the lifestyle blog K.NGSLEY, there are several key pieces to encapsulate the coastal grandma aesthetic, including a button-down shirt, straight-leg linen pants and a woven tote bag. She says that although the sartorial aesthetic is inspired by the laid-back-yet-luxurious lifestyle habits of wealthy coastal grandmothers, being a grandmother is not a prerequisite to embrace it.

This coastal grandmother style has been captured by designers who are looking to expand and diversify the West Coast’s fashion identity. Maiden Noir, C2H4, Bristol and Matiere are among those who are redefining the region’s sartorial DNA with their collections. For SS23, they’re adding layers of depth and complexity to their coveted Californian-inspired silhouettes.

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