Day: June 11, 2024

AccuSeal Spray Foam InsulationAccuSeal Spray Foam Insulation

Whether you’re insulating an existing home, new construction or pole barn, spray foam insulation provides an effective air seal that makes your house more comfortable and energy efficient. And it’s a great solution for any type of attic or crawl space, above-grade basement or any other space where the substrate is wood.

Energy Efficiency with Spray Foam

Spray foam insulation is a two-part liquid that expands to fill any nook and cranny, making it ideal for spaces where it’s difficult to reach with traditional materials. It’s also a highly versatile product, often used as specialized packaging for items such as sculptures, vases, large fossils, lamp bases and busts.

When applied by a trained installer, the spray foam creates a protective barrier that prevents heat and sound from passing through, while blocking water and moisture from entering. As a result, it reduces energy costs significantly. In fact, the Department of Energy estimates that air leakage accounts for 40 percent of a typical homeowner’s heating and cooling bills. Only spray foam can protect against this major source of energy loss.

A spray foam insulation contractor can choose from a variety of densities and blowing agents, including low-GWP blowing agents. A contractor should discuss the options with the customer before beginning the project to ensure they’re using the most environmentally friendly spray insulation.

As with any product that requires an application process, spray foam insulation does emit some fumes while curing. While these fumes are typically short-lived, it’s recommended that the area be kept completely closed while spraying takes place.
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