Day: March 16, 2024

How to Design a Covered Garden WalkwayHow to Design a Covered Garden Walkway

A covered garden walkway is an effective design feature that can add both function and beauty to the landscape. Whether it’s for garden centres, car showrooms or residential gardens, covering your pathway will protect it from rain, sleet and hail. The best ones will also enhance the overall look of your property.

Paving stones, gravel and even bricks are all ideal materials for a covered walkway. Choose a style that suits the space and your landscaping design. For a formal garden, consider a path of square flagstones that creates a crisp and clean line, or one made up of irregularly placed stones to lend an air of wistful nostalgia. In this cottage-like backyard, a stone pathway lines the fence and echoes the shaped trellis it frames; large gray planters add rhythmic stopping points to the stroll.

Creating Inviting Spaces: Covered Walkway Gardens

In a more relaxed setting, try a curving gravel pathway. The curves offer a more inviting experience and help highlight plantings that might otherwise get lost in the landscape. It’s a good idea to plant a mix of perennials that can handle foot traffic, like creeping thyme and blue star creeper.

Before laying your pavers or surface material, remove the sod and loosen the soil with a spade. Spread a 1/2-in. layer of sand to allow the stones to settle slightly and keep them from rocking. Alternatively, you can use mulch, decomposed granite or pebbles, but make sure they are safe for bare feet and easy to run a mower over.